Mike Moncla from the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association shoots down rumors of gas shortages across our part of the state.

Rumors began late last week that shortages were a possibility as a result of the recent ice storm. And on Monday KEEL received a number of reports that some stations were out of regular and were selling only the more expensive 93 octane.

But Moncla dispels the rumors and explains that the seemingly limited supply was only for a day. "I don't believe there's a shortage on gas Part of the problem in north Louisiana is the big freeze we had up there," Moncla says, acknowledging that some stations ran low for a short time. "The problem...is temporary. You have stations that weren't ordering very much gas. You have refineries that were shut down, pipelines that were shut down due to the freeze. There are a lot of variables."

Meanwhile, Tyler Gray of Louisiana's Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association says that the recent storm played a major part, and that there may be short term shortages at independent stations. "When you look at an independent operator like RaceTrac or Walmart, they buy it wholesale, based on what's available. There are (oil company) contracts to be fulfilled and once those are filled then the independents are able to get their gasoline. You have independents trying to buy wholesale at a cheaper price, but they're going to be second. There are fluctuations right now, but it'll get bacck to normal pretty soon."

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