Here's a quality throwback from the time I joined the Marines for a week in Parris Island.

As I was sitting in my office, thinking of a way to honor veterans, this week instantly came to mind. Years ago, I was blessed with the chance to join the Marines at Parris Island. Of course, growing up in Shreveport-Bossier, I have been around our United States military all of my life. It goes without saying that I've always had the upmost respect for our military and our veterans.

I have talked about this experience so much over the last couple of years. My friends, family, and co-workers have heard all about it, too many times to count. To this day, I still regard that week as one of the greatest of my life.

It all kind of started as a joke around the office. That I didn't have what it takes to be Marine. Turns out, I certainly did not, but I had the time of my life trying.

To be there for a week on Parris Island, meeting the recruits, seeing the graduation, it was an unreal, emotional experience.

I hope I get to go back one day, but until then I can always re-watch these videos over and over again!


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