Mick Foley is a wrestling god. He's survived bombs and barbed wire with Terry Funk. He's almost been murdered (literally) by the hands of the Undertaker. Dude has survived EVERYTHING.

But, last night, Mick Foley suffered quite possibly the most devastating maneuver in the wrestling universe. No, not the Canadian Destroyer. No...not an unprotected chair shot to the head. No, good ol' Saint Mick was brought to his knees by Joey Ryan and his penis of destruction!

Ok...maybe it's not that serious. But, guess what? It really did happen. Mick and Joey collided in Ireland last night and the results are nothing short of hilarious! Yes, the spot isn't for everyone (still love you Jim Cornette) but, generally speaking, the crowd loses its mind whenever Joey lines up a Penis-Plex.

Good on Mick for selling it like a boss. And good on Joey for making money hand over fist with one of the most ridiculous things to hit the wrestling world since the Final Deletion. Wrestling is supposed to be fun and entertaining and Joey Ryan definitely is both!

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