The loss of 1/2 of our beloved Walton & Johnson morning radio show has been tough.  It's hard to imagine our day starting without the biting wit and hilarious sarcasm so effortlessly provided by John Walton.  Now, a fitting tribute has been announced to celebrate this incredible broadcaster's life in the city where the 16 year morning show that would elevate him to radio super-stardom was born - New Orleans.

Even though both John Walton and Steve Johnson started their respective careers much earlier, the "Walton and Johnson Show" officially started in the Crescent City in 1983 on WQUE.  They were an instant hit, and that success allowed them to look outside of the city for more opportunities - eventually syndicating the show in multiple markets across the country.  It's only fitting then that on July 14th, a true-to-life New Orleans memorial service will be held in the city where it all started.

According to the show's official twitter account, a huge party will be thrown from noon till 3 at Generations Hall in honor of the man who made a living off of saying what everyone was thinking (but too afraid to say themselves).  Food, drinks, and a 2nd-line parade are planned to give John Walton the send off he deserves.  Snacks and libations will be provided by Tommy Cvitanovich's Dragos and Alicia Maenza's 12 Seasons Catering.

If you are a Lone Star W&J show fan, you won't be left out.  Since John cut his radio teeth in Texas, a tribute for the longtime broadcaster is planned there as well.  The Texas memorial is set for 11 AM on Friday, July 12th at the Second Baptist Church West Campus in Houston.

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