If you're going to steal thousands of dollars worth of liquor it's probably not a good idea to tell anyone.

A suspect identified as Billy Moore was arrested for stealing over $1,700 worth of liquor from Walk-On's on Burbank. According to a report from WBRZ, the liquor was stolen from an outside storage container.

The theft was reported on October 26 at Walk-Ons on Burbank Drive. According to the arrest report, a manager arrived at the restaurant and learned that an outside storage container had been burglarized. The lock securing the container had been cut off and $1,783 worth of liquor had been taken.

Moore definitely isn't cut out for a life of crime, because according to employees at the scene, he had spoken with another employee about stealing the liquor.

On the day of the burglary, Moore approached the employee and told them he "made his move" on the liquor storage container.

Moore claims he committed the burglary because he was owed money by Walk-Ons. He has been charged with simple burglary.

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