This weekend inside the spacious Longview Exhibit Center, the H.E.R.P. Show is set to astound visitors with the science of Herpetology.  That, of course, being the study of reptiles - and what a study it is!  It's not strictly reptiles though, you'll find all kinds of exotic pets to view and a few to buy.  The 2 day pet expo will have lots of vendors selling accessories and accoutrements for your exotic and unusual little friend!

The show will feature educational talks, and Zoofari -  a hands-on kids area so the little ones can experience they joy of a slithery or weird little friend before you invite one into your house.  If you are in to spiders, geckos, birds, constrictors, gliders, scorpions, or any number of exotic pets - odds are, you're going to love the show.  The event kicks off at 10 am both days, and you can check out more details on their website by clicking here.

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