If you've ever made a trip to the Big Apple, you know that New York City is definitely a "melting pot."  Just walk one city block and you can hear six different languages being spoken.  Same with San Francisco.  From the late 1890's to 1950's New York and San Francisco were the main points of entry for millions of immigrants from all over the world who settled in these cities, searching for opportunity.

And yet one would be hard-pressed to find a more diverse "melting pot" than right here in our home state. NationalDayCalendar.com says that Louisiana has blended the cultures of its inhabitants like no other.  From Louisiana's coastal waters and bayous to its forests and lakes, elements of Native American, French Canadian, Spanish, German, African, Irish and Caribbean culture have stewed together to create a savory dish of food, language, and music. This unique blend brings millions of tourists to the Pelican State every year, each of them looking for the sites, sounds, aromas, and flavors that only Louisiana can offer. 

Today, November 9th, is National Louisiana Day.  It's a day to celebrate the treasures that make our state so special.  From Mardi Gras, to jazz and zydeco, to Cajun and Creole cuisine there's something for everyone.  Today you can become your own unofficial office of tourism.  Use #NationalLouisianaDay to share on social media and spread the word about the "melting pot" we all call home.


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