Heaven help the people of Florida. They know what real shame feels like. It seems like every story that you hear about where someone has done something stupid begins with the phrase " A Florida man".

Here is such a Floridian. In this video if you look toward the bottom of the counter wearing a white t-shirt you will see a daring shoplifter. I call him daring because he is pilfering a chainsaw in plain sight of store personnel. He is also daring because he placing a chainsaw down next to his most private of private parts.

What is even more amazing is the man walked out of the store and left with the chainsaw in his britches. What is even more amazing than that is he drove away from the store on a bicycle. I'd like to see you try to ride a  bike with a chainsaw in the crotch of your pants. That's just remarkable.

The man was arrested about half an hour later when his guilty conscience caught up with him.  He returned to the store with the saw and admitted he had taken the merchandise. So I guess maybe this Florida man isn't so bad after all.

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