You would expect a band like Motörhead to have their own brand of whiskey or even scotch, but now they are among the other bands that have released their own brands of wine.The first rock artist I remember hitting on this trend was Maynard James Keenan when he started his Merkin Vineyards. Keenan has since released 12 different varietals of wine and a documentary "Blood Into Wine" following his passion for wine making.

Now, Lemmy and crew offer to the world "Motörhead Shiraz." Yes, the same man that Rolling Stone magazine documented as to have drank a 5th of Jack Daniels a day, has his own brand of wine. Lemmy says, "My advise is - approach it with caution. I mean wine is deceptive, anything can happen."

Ratt and Warrant also have their own brands of wine. Warrant's 2007 Red is currently sold out, but more importantly award winning! Warrant does have a 2008 Red that will be available in December of this year.


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