First off, I want to make sure you understand this:  I am completely ok with anyone's preferred eating status.  I have much respect for Vegetarians, Vegans, Lactos, Ovos, and the hundreds of other eating-statuses that are floating around out there.  I like to live by the eat-and-let-eat philosophy.

Lately, my way of life has been challenged.  Normally, I would just remove myself from the situational and go order a big fat burger or something - but that may not be an option for me this time.  You see, my wife has come to the conclusion that she has had enough of meat.  She can't stand the thought of animals suffering for a delicious meal, she hates the way raw meat looks, and is even starting to hate the smell of bacon.  I'm totally fine with her not eating meat (more for me), but I don't want to gross her out or eat at separate times.  Not only will that not be great for our relationship, it will utterly confuse my 9 year old son.  Does he eat with mom or dad, Vegetarian or Omnivore? That's too much for any kid, and frankly - it's too much for me!

I just want to make her happy, but I also want bacon.

We talked about it on the Morning Madhouse this morning.  Some of our callers have a better handle on this situation than I do!


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