In Corpus Christi, Texas 18 year old Taylor Burnham was arrested after drunk driving and evading police. That in itself is not all that interesting. What is interesting is that when police found her, she was wearing nothing except a pair of cowboy boots. The Smoking Gun reports that police had been called early Sunday morning to check out a suspicious person hanging out in an alley. When police arrived they found, Burnham standing beside a Jeep Wrangler, which I can't help but wonder if the top was down, naked except for a pair of cowboy boots.

After seeing police at approximately 3:10am , Burnham hopped in the Jeep and led police on a low speed chase through a subdivision in Corpus Christi. She ended up driving Jeep on a sidewalk before coming to a stop. I'm sure this is one case where the cops were hoping she would make a run for it.

Burnham ended up failing two breath tests and sobriety tests and was more than twice the legal limit. Which really should be more considering that she's 18!

Burnham was arrested and charged with misdemeanor drunk driving and felony evading police. She posted the $3,500 bond, but has left us wondering what she was doing naked standing by that Jeep at 3am? Should cops have been on the look out for a naked cowboy as well?

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