Age-defying potions, practices, cremes, and pills have been the fevered dream of a goal for man since the beginning.  The search for the Holy Grail, The Fountain of Youth, The Sorcerer's Stone - all of these stories, and many more, demonstrate man's yearning for a long and youthful life, if not immortality.  More recently, scientist have made several huge breakthroughs that could take man's desire from a tall tale to reality.

According to, Australian scientists have been working with a compound called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), or Vitamin B3.  A lot of anti-aging processes focus on looking younger, but this treatment will focus on energy and the "feeling" of youth.  The vitamin is naturally produced by the body, but production falls off the older you get.  By re-introducing this compound into the bodies of elderly mice - scientist were able to turn back the clock on muscular blood flow, enhance physical performance and increase endurance.  It also stimulates new capillary growth, which directly combats that old tired and worn out feeling.  While this discovery is exciting enough in mice, the experts in charge of this experiment have already moved on to human trials.

Phase one of human trials is complete, and the drug has been deemed safe for people.  Phase two will commence soon, with the goal of determining he effectiveness of revitalizing youth.

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