Will Star Wars ever end?  Will we ever see a movie called Star Peace?  The answer is almost certainly no.  According to EngadgetLucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy announced today that director Rian Johnson will be given a "blank canvas" to create an entirely new Star Wars Trilogy to follow the current Force Awakens / The Last Jedi /  tet-to-be-named Episode IX run. There have been 9 feature films in the Star Wars universe so far.  With Star Wars: Han Solo, the planned Boba Fett movie, Episode IX and this new trilogy - the number of Star Wars movies coming down the pipe has jumped to 6.  No word of who, what, where, or what these new films will be about, but you can bet why has something to do with the almost $40 billion dollars the franchise has made up to this point.

Will Disney be able to keep the magic (force) going for years to come?  That answer should become a bit clearer after December 14th.  According to IMDB, that's the earliest theater release date for Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the U.S..  It's directed by Rian Johnson himself, and should give us an insight to what kind of adventures to expect in the continuing saga in a galaxy far, far away.

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