A new study in Belgium shows that vigorous sex is more likely to cause you to have a heart attack than doing cocaine. This gives Fred Sanford's famous line, "I'm coming Elizabeth," takes on a whole new meaning.

In the study, they ranked the top 10 factors that increase your risk of having a heart attack. The number one factor is traffic exposure . . . both from the stress and the air pollution you're exposed to. That increases your risk by 7.4%. Here's the full top 10:

#1.) Traffic exposure increases your risk of a heart attack by 7.4%

#2.) Physical exertion, increase of 6.2%

#3.) Alcohol, increase of 5%

#4.) Coffee, increase of 5%

#5.) General air pollution, increase of 4.8%

#6.) Negative emotions, increase of 3.9%

#7.) Anger, increase of 3.1%

#8.) Overeating, increase of 2.7%

#9.) POSITIVE emotions, an increase of 2.4%

#10.) Sexual activity, increase of 2.2%

#11.) Cocaine use, increase of 0.9%

#12.) Smoking marijuana, increase of 0.8%

#13.) Respiratory infections, increase of 0.6%.

USA Today