Shreveport Men Busted for Cocaine and Stupidity
Scarface 101: When transporting mass quantities of illegal narcotics, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that it is probably not a smart business strategy to break the speed limit and smoke weed while you do it. This is because speeding has been known to get people pulled over and the smell of weed is almost always probable cause for a vehicle search.
Crack Really Does Kill! [VIDEO]
When we hear those old wives tales like "If you masturbate, you'll go blind", we generally pay them no mind because we think they are BS. And most of them probably are. However, the saying "Crack Kills" can now being taken literally. A South Carolina man died in the backseat of a patrol car after ingesting an ounce of cocaine that had been hidden in his brother's butt... Read M
Twitter is A Lot Like Cocaine….[VIDEO]
Twitter is a world of confusion for many people. I mean, WTF is a hashtag? Personally though, I prefer Twitter to Facebook. There are many reasons why...but instead of making you read them, just watch this video. Also, if you want to hop into the Twitter-sphere, you can follow me @puffontheradio and the station @RockStation99X...
Happy Birthday to Charlie Sheen! [VIDEO]
I know we all maybe a bit burned out on Charlie Sheen, but yesterday was his birthday and it deserves celebrating. And not because he is such a great actor or anything, but because he is the most fascinatingly effed up person on the planet. And because he is living out everyone man's fantasy by nailing every hot chick in Hollywood...