Scarface 101: When transporting mass quantities of illegal narcotics, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that it is probably not a smart business strategy to break the speed limit and smoke weed while you do it. This is because speeding has been known to get people pulled over and the smell of weed is almost always probable cause for a vehicle search.

Just ask the three Shreveport men that were arrested last night after state troopers discovered over 180 grams of cocaine stashed away in their vehicle.

According to reports, 31-year-old John Marston, 32-year-old Delandro Davis, and 46-year-old Clyde Marston were pulled over on Interstate 20 for driving 80-mph in a 75-mph zone. However, what could have ended as a routine traffic stop turned into a major drug bust, after the officer noticed the smell of marijuana in the car and decided to search the vehicle. That’s when he found 182 grams of cocaine tucked away in the rear passenger quarter panel.

All three men were arrested and are currently being held at the Gregg County Jail. Of course, the moral of this story is: just because you're carrying speed doesn't mean you should drive fast.