Think of the qualities it would require for a magazine with a circulation as large as Southern Living to name your hometown as one of the best in all of the South.

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Apparently, if you live in Natchitoches, you only need to walk outside!

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loading... alerted us to the fact that the mammoth Southern Living just announced that Natchitoches was named one of the fifty best small towns in the entire South!

Jackie Whaley, who grew up in the area, says that her fondest memories of Natchitoches were the overall "small town feel" of downtown Natchitoches and Easter egg hunting on the Cane River.  She also feels like it's the perfect environment for any student wishing to attend college there.

Of Natchitoches, here's what Southern Living had to say:

Louisiana’s oldest town has much more to offer than its famous fried meat pies. Visit sites like the National Historic Landmark District (with an array of architectural styles ranging from French Creole to Art Deco) and Melrose Plantation, a stop on the state’s African American Heritage Trail that is home to rare works by folk artist Clementine Hunter.

Those who frequent the Natchitoches area are drawn to the beauty of the brick streets in the downtown area, tours of the Steel Magnolias house, and those incredible meals at fantastic restaurants like Merci Beaucoup, Lasyone's Meat Pie Kitchen, and Mayeaux's Steak and Seafood.

Natchitoches Tourism on Facebook
Natchitoches Tourism on Facebook

Speaking of Mayeaux's, long time Natchitoches resident, Steve Graf, says, "They have the absolute best red beans and rice I've ever had."

Natchitoches boasts an assortment of enchanting Bed & Breakfasts, so if you're looking for a weekend get away, or a day of antique shopping, you're only about sixty miles from one of Southern Living's best small towns in the South.

Might be time for a trip to Natchitoches.

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