A tiny little town in East Texas has more registered airplanes per capita than anywhere in the United States.  Over 1000 planes have been registered in Onalaska, Texas - which works out to about 1 plane per 3 residents.  That's pretty strange, especially when you consider that Onalaska doesn't even have an airport.

This phenomenon gets stranger the more you look into it.  According to CBS 19, every one of these planes is registered to one of two Onalaska P.O. boxes.  This curiosity is completely legal, by the way.  Any non-U.S. resident can register an aircraft in America if they have a willing "trustee."  The plane can be owned by anyone, but as long as it's registered in the name of a legal trust - it gets a U.S. tail number.  Critics say this loophole puts our country in danger by allowing anyone--including cartels and terrorists--access to aircraft that could fly almost anywhere in the U.S. without raising suspicion.

A U.S. tail number begins with the letter "N," and customs officials are less likely to search a plane registered here than one registered in another country (like Mexico).  If you wanted to smuggle drugs, guns, or any other contraband internationally, this would allow you to fly under the radar (pardon the pun).

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