Years before they signed their first major-label record contract, P.O.D. built a loyal fan base through their intense live performances.  The band formed in the early 90's and by the middle of the decade had become one of the driving forces of the nascent Christian Rock movement.

It was their live shows that got P.O.D. signed to Atlantic Records in 1998.  The band released two multi-platinum nu metal albums which were driven by the hit songs Rock The Party (Off The Hook), Alive, and Youth Of The Nation.  Today's P.O.D. has incorporated alternative rock, reggae, and Latin-influenced metal into their sound and they still bring an incredible energy to the stage.

Alien Ant Farm formed in the mid-90's in Riverside, California.  To date the band has sold over 5 million albums worldwide, including the platinum-selling ANThology. Though they've had numerous successful songs on the Alternative and Active Rock charts, Alien Ant Farm is best known for their cover of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal.

You can see P.O.D. and Alien Ant Farm live this Thursday night, September 21st, at Live Oak's Bar & Ballroom in Monroe.  Special guests PowerFlo and Fire from the Gods will also perform.  Tickets are just $20 and are available at

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