Last year, P.O.D. released their latest album 'Murdered Love' and it has spawned the Top 5 singles 'Beautiful' and 'Lost in Forever.' Now, a special digital deluxe edition of the album with extra material has been released.

In addition to the original album, the deluxe digital edition of 'Murdered Love' includes two previously unreleased studio tracks, 'Burn It Down' and 'Find a Way.' There are also acoustic versions of 'Beautiful' and 'West Coast Rock Steady' and alternate versions of 'On Fire' and 'Lost In Forever (Scream).'

In addition, the set features music videos and behind-the-scenes footage from the 'Murdered Love' touring cycle. You can order the deluxe digital edition of the album here.

P.O.D. just wrapped a series of show and are off until a Dec. 14 show in Peoria, Ill.

P.O.D. - 'Murdered Love' (Deluxe Edition) Track Listing:

1. 'Eyez' ft. Jamey Jasta
2. 'Murdered Love'
3. 'Higher'
4. 'Lost In Forever'
5. 'West Coast Rock Steady'
6. 'Beautiful'
7. 'Babylon The Murderer'
8. 'On Fire'
9. 'Bad Boy'
10. 'Panic & Run'
11. 'Burn it Down' (Bonus Track)
12. 'Find A Way' (Bonus Track)
13. 'Beautiful' (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)
14. 'West Coast Rock Steady' (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)
15. 'On Fire' (Chris Blackwood Mix) (Bonus Track)
16. 'Lost In Forever' (Scream)
17. 'Beautiful' (Music Video)
18. 'Beautiful' (Making Of Video)
19. 'Murdered Love' (Music Video)
20. 'Murdered Love' (Making Of Video)
21. 'Higher' (Music Video)
22. 'Lost In Forever' (Scream) (Music Video)
23. 'Lost In Forever' (Making Of Video)

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