This story might make you shed a tear, but it also shows us all how awesome police officers are.

Several officers from the Hammond, Louisiana police department met the grandmother of Fallen St. John Parish Sheriff's Deputy Jeremy Triche.

Hammond PD
Hammond PD

During the dinner, Officer Gilbert told the grandmother one day he would owe her a dance. Well grandma called him on it. And this is the result. Watch as Officer Gilbert cuts a rug with the elderly woman. Hammond PD posted this message on Facebook:

"Officer Gilbert does not own the rights to those moves. No one else has claimed them either!! lol"

How sweet is that? Police officers often get a bad rap when one of them does something wrong, but on a regular basis, so many officers go above and beyond the call of duty to help citizens in distress, provide a caring shoulder to cry on, or (as in this case) dance a little jig with a grandmother who is still mourning the loss of her grandson.

To all of those officers who go above and beyond the call of duty every day, we say thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

In the meantime, the man accused of killing Deputies Triche and Brandon Nielsen on August 16, 2012 has been convicted of first degree murder. 35-year-old Kyle Joekel has been sentenced to death.

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