19 years ago today, we lost Bill Hicks...one of the most explosive and ferocious social commentators ever. And, oh yeah, he happened to be a comedian too. But unlike most comedians, his main goal was NOT to make the audience laugh, but to educate them to a certain extent. Sure he was funny. Funny as hell in fact, but he used comedy as a vehicle to get his point across. Hicks’s business was about telling the truth, the whole truth, and his final purpose was to raise consciousness (at least as he saw it. And for the most part, he was on point most of the time).

Bill's routine was a shotgun blast to society. He took on consumerism, religion, political agendas, pop culture, and the 'American Dream'. He took at aim at ignorance and hypocrisy and blew it to hell with logic and the idea of personal responsibility (what a novel concept).

Whether you knew Bill from his stand up or as the guy talking about drugs in Tool's 'Third Eye', he made an impact. I know when I watch the news, I can hear Bill in the back of my head - commenting, attacking. The crazy part is, even though he has been dead for nearly 20 years, he is just as relevant today as he was nearly two decades ago. His thoughts and ideas just as poignant.

Who else has had that sort of longevity? Who else has had that sort of impact? Hunter S. Thompson? George Carlin?

Today, let's not mourn the loss of Bill. But let's remember his message. Let's remember this life is just a ride. Instead of attacking, back stabbing, ripping off, and attacking each other, lets take a different approach, even if it is just for today...let's love each other. Let's take care of each other. Let's act with compassion for our fellow man so that we may one day live in peace and harmony together.


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