These days, you don't hear much positive about Vince McMahon in the wrestling dirt sheets or online fan forums. However, over the weekend, a story broke that has wrestling fans collectively chanting, "Thank you, Vince!"

If you're a wrestling fan, you by now know that eight-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race died last Thursday at the age of 76 after a battle with lung cancer.

Trevor Murdoch, a former three-time WWE World Tag Team Champion and one of Race's former students, posted on Facebook Sunday night that McMahon came to Race's need in his final few days.

From Murdoch's Facebook page:

Harley needed to be transferred from Atlanta to St.Louis. He needed to take a Med flight because he was in rough shape. Medicare wouldn’t help him. A call was made to WWE and 10 mins later it was paid in full. Vince McMahon never blinked an eye. He wanted to make sure Harley was taken care of.

Murdoch was thankful for the WWE chairman's actions, because it gave him "two more days with Harley."

Well done, WWE! Well done.

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