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I know we all have to be cautious, and I know that we should prioritize our outings.  I am so onboard with 100% of that action.  As a movie lover, one of the things I miss the most is sneaking off to a theater, grabbing a box of candy and an insanely large coke, and soaking in some of that silver screen glory whenever I possibly can. There's something magical about the immersion of the experience, and I am hooked.

Now imagine my thrill when I heard the news that Shreveport's shrine to film was planning to crack open the doors and once again give us moves the way they were meant to be seen.  The Robinson Film Center (as seen above in its Google Earth splendor) has announced that on July 1st, you will once again be able to see some of the greatest movies in the world in down town Shreveport.

While my claims may sound outlandish, I'm being totally serious.  Among the fantastic movies the Robinson has lined up for us are: the original and fantastic Ghostbusters from 1984, Batman Forever (the one with Val Kilmer and the bat-nipples), Black Panther (tied for #1 Marvel Film with Iron Man - fight me), and the crowning jewel - A number one on my list Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back!  Want to know more?  Click here to see the entire July schedule.

If you're worried about how safe it will be, you should know that the astute professionals at the Robinson have gone through great lengths to ensure you get the cleanest and most sterile experience possible.  According to the Ark-La-Tex Homepage, the theater will adhere to the state’s Phase 2 guidelines and only operate at a maximum of 50 percent capacity.  The film center has other protocols in place to minimize patrons to exposure to Coronavirus as well - like rigorous cleaning and disinfecting of theaters and public areas, Plexiglas guards to separate employees and guests as much as possible, and more.

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