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As the world around us slowly thaws from the Coronavirus shutdown, more and more business and attractions are starting to open up.  I was so happy to see that our very own bastion of science, Sci-Port Discovery Center is among those public places that are preparing to fling open their doors once again.

This weekend, the incredibly impressive Imax theater located inside Sci-Port will once again roar to life, setting an extremely high-definition spectacle in motion on the ridiculously large and curved screen in front of you.  If you've never experienced a movie in the Imax format, it is a must see.

The movie Sci-Port officials have selected fits perfectly with the now rescheduled historic SpaceX launch that will put America back in the space race.  As the drought of American made spaceships comes to a close thanks to Elon Musk's rocket company, the entire country catching space fever.  For the first time in nearly a decade, we will put our own astronauts into space with a vehicle made and launched here!

On Friday and Saturday, you can go to space too!  The IMAX Dome Theatre will open its doors for a special showing of Hubble: Ten Year Anniversary Special Edition.  The movie will be showing several times over the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), but the rest of the museum will remain closed.  Sci-Port officially re-opens on June 5th.

To view show times for Hubble: Ten Year Anniversary Special Edition and Superpower Dogs or to buy tickets for either show, click here.

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