Rock On The Range is arguably the biggest rock music festival in the US. Every year bands scratch, fight, and claw to get their way into the lineup. There have been some bands who've turned around, or started their careers as a part of the festival. Just last year, former Asking Alexandria lead singer Danny Worsnop debuted his new band We Are Harlot at Rock On The Range. This year, another chart topping vocalist debuted his new band.


Adam Gontier, formerly of Three Days Grace, has teamed up with Staind guitarist Mike Mushok, Eye Empire bass player Corey Lowery and former Finger Eleven drummer Rich Beddoe to form Saint Asonia. The band made their live debut this weekend at Rock On The Range, here's some video coverage:

One of the cool things about the band, is that it appears they're not afraid to cover songs from their other Staind's "Mudshovel" and 3DG's "(I Hate)Everything About You"

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