Next Saturday night (April 26) at Woody's in Keithville (the old Rustic Cowboy), we have one hell of a show lined up with Powerman 5000! The show itself is going to be amazing, but as an added bonus for showing up, we are going to be hooking you up with some killer prizes!

Not only will you catch a kick ass rock show, but we will be giving away all sorts of goodies including a meet and greet with the band, an autographed guitar, tickets to our 20th Birthday Bash, tickets to see Avenged Sevenfold and a whole lot more.

And all you have to do is look for 99X stickers hidden all around the bar. They could be stuck on the mirror in the men's bathroom, on the back of the crapper, or the bottom of your beer bottle.

Find the sticker and win! It's just that simple. Now, if you are a broke SOB and can't buy tickets to see Powerman next week, never fear! We'll be hooking you up with free tickets all week long.

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