Let's be real, none of us are actually ready for Christmas. It's like boom here come the holidays and we usually don't start to scramble until it gets close to Christmas. This year, thanks to some scary cargo situations, we need to get a move on buying fast and buying local.

There is so much worry concerning the cargo ships that aren't docking and are already causing a serious shortage when it comes to Christmas gifts and alcohol.

I spoke to Crayton with Bikes Etc. in Bossier and he said he didn't anticipate or realize there would be a serious shortage of bicycles this year but started building bikes anticipating a big Christmas several months ago. Little did he know he would probably be one of the only folks with bikes in stock during Christmas. Luckily for us, Bikes Etc started building bikes and doubled their building skills for a big 2021.

I reached out to some local businesses to find out when their cutoff dates are for ordering personalized gifts and here is what I found:

Cornhole boards.

Barnes Blueprint

The Barnes Blueprint: They specialize in cornhole boards and are currently taking orders for Christmas gifts until December 13th.

One of the owners Taylor said, "We are thrilled that so many people want to personalize gifts this year, however, this means that we need to get started on all personalized items now due to the time it takes to get the pieces done."

Personalized wooden flags, grills, firepits, and home decor from MCG.

Shayne McGinty
Shayne McGinty

MCG Wood and Metal Works: This veteran-owned company is busy busting out personalized wooden flags, grills, firepits, and home decor. Due to the high demand of personalized gifts, Shayne McGinty said they will have to quit taking all custom orders on December 1st. He did say that they will have plenty of popular items in stock like the American flag, thin blue line flags, and LSU, and Saints decor. Check out their gallery by clicking here.


Bikes Etc

Bikes Etc says buy now take home later.

Last year I got a bike for Christmas and it was the best gift from me for me. I still have my eye on an electric bike at Bikes Etc. however, the competition will be fierce this year for a bike. With the shortage of bikes and there only being one place in town to get them, you should probably go get your bike paid for and pulled ASAP. Especially if your little one is hoping for a bike under that Christmas tree this year. Crayton with Bikes Etc. claims they will let you do your Christmas shopping as early as you need.

Specialty grills.

Tubbs Hardware and Cajun Gifts

We all love shopping around Tubb's Hardware and Cajun Gifts, right? Bad news, we all have our eyes on specialty grills this year. If you're wanting to get an awesome grill in time for Christmas this is the time to go and purchase it before they sell out. The crew at Tubb's will have a lot of hot commodities, so go purchase them while they have them in stock.

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