Word began to spread on social media following a parents' meeting at E.B Williams Stoner Elementary.

During this meeting there was apparently mention of the school possibly having to close permanently due to low attendance and other reasons. It's being said, that on it's current track it will be closed by the end of the school year.

During the meeting held on Wednesday (4/5/23) there was also discussion of merging the school. The proposal was E.B. Williams Stoner Hill Elementary Lab School would be transferred to either Creswell Elementary or Broadmoor Elementary schools, both of which are already overcrowded.

Dr. Lamar Goree, the Caddo Parish School Superintendent, has outlined a proposal that he plans to present in a meeting on April 18th. The plan is to consolidate the schools in order to better the educational outcomes of the students. Outlined in the proposal, is the fact that the school's attendance numbers are way down.

Currently E.B Williams Stoner Elementary only has 166 students.

On top of low attendance, there are currently only 1 of the 7 regular education classes being taught by a teacher that is fully certified. 5 of those teachers are currently working toward full certification.

Dr. Goree's full proposal can be viewed HERE.

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