Shreveport firefighters have been struggling to keep up with calls for service during the pandemic.

The Shreveport Fire Department will be getting four ambulances and crews to help with an increase in calls for service, primarily related to COVID-19 cases. The Fire Department requested federal assistance through Caddo Parish Homeland Security.

The local fire department is now averaging about 140 calls for service a day and running 10 ambulances. When no SFD ambulances are available the department relies on resources from neighboring agencies. Chief Scott Wolverton says

We’re thankful to the federal government for the assistance that has been provided. This will have an immediate impact on our medics who are dealing with the increased call volume on a daily basis.

The additional ambulances and crews will operate on 12-hour shifts and will respond from Shreveport Fire Station #1 (263 N. Common St) and #16 (5105 Hollywood Ave).

“Agencies and hospitals in our area are becoming overwhelmed by the significant influx of COVID patients,” said Mayor Adrian Perkins. “It is vital for us to provide essential resources to our first responders who provide critical care for those patients.”

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