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There's no doubt about it, we love eating in Shreveport-Bossier City. After all, folks come from around the world to experience our food and culture. However, our Louisiana lifestyle isn't always the healthiest. One would think that having plenty of access to health care with a hospital or quick care on every corner would balance things out, but sadly, that isn't the case.

According to Wallethub.com, Shreveport is the 3rd least healthy city in America for 2023.

You read that correctly, Shreveport ranks 180th out of the 182 cities that Wallethub.com studied. This isn't a new problem. Shreveport was named the 4th least healthy city in the country in 2021, and the 7th least healthy in 2022. However, we're not alone when it comes to our unhealthy ways here in the bayou state. Baton Rouge ranked 163rd and New Orleans came in 109th nationally. While Baton Rouge seems healthier than Shreveport by the numbers, WalletHub.com says Baton Rouge has the highest percentage of adults who don't enough fruits and vegetables per day.

.shock, ThinkStock Images
.shock, ThinkStock Images

WalletHub.com compiled its data using 43 different metrics. So how did Shreveport stack up? Not well! We're 170th in the country when it comes to health care, 181st for food, 179th for fitness, and 163rd for green spaces. We also come in 179th when it comes to the percentage of physically active adults. Not good.

Source: WalletHub

What can we do to improve our ranking? Clearly, we need to get outside and move more and push back from the table a little sooner than we have been. Obviously, access to quality healthcare for all income levels is an area of concern for Shreveport as well. How do you think we can improve in the rankings? Shoot me a message via the chat feature in our app or email me at erin.bristol@townsquaremedia.com.


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