A Shreveport man is likely headed to many years behind bars after he was convicted of trying to kill two men in December of 2017.  43-year-old Carlos Martel Lynn Smith has been found guilty on two counts of attempted murder.

The jury verdict was unanimous in Caddo District Court. Judge John Mosely Jr. presided over the trial. Smith represented himself at the trial.

He was accused of shooting two male acquaintances on Bethany Street during the December 6, 2017 incident. One of the men was shot in the abdomen and hand while the other was shot in the head. Both survived.

Formal sentencing is set for May 25th. The sentence for attempted murder ranges from 10 to 50 years.

KEEL News checked out Smith's prior arrests and found crimes dating back to the mid 90's. He has a lengthy rap sheet. He has previously been  arrested on charges ranging from attempted murder, forcible rape, domestic abuse, simple assault, attempted armed robbery, aggravated battery and many other crimes. He is currently being held in the Caddo Correctional Center.

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