When it comes to dating, Shreveport made it very clear that dogs play a big role.

You see that cute little nugget above? That's my dog Oliver. He's eight pounds of love, laughter, joy, and comfort. I couldn't imagine my life without him. I begged my husband for Oliver and although hubby didn't want a dog, he is head over heels in love with this lil' man. If I were single and was dating someone who didn't love Oliver, I'm pretty sure it would be sayonara for whoever that dude is.

It looks like Shreveport agrees.

Recently we asked you if you would continue to date someone who didn't love your dog. This came after a survey conducted by Wag found that 86 percent of people would break up with someone if they didn't love their dog. According to our poll, the same information rings true in our area.

In fact, a whopping 73 percent feel the same way.

Here's how our poll broke down...


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