Purchasing booze in Louisiana just became a bigger deal – only in smaller bottles. Earlier this week, Governor Bobby Jindal signed a bill into law that will enable the sales of small bottles of liquor – 100 ml.

According to a recent press release from New Orleans-based Sazerac, the company has immediate plans to start stocking the shelves of liquor stores across the state with tiny bottles of Taaka vodka, Benchmark bourbon, Platinum 7x vodka and Fireball cinnamon whiskey.

A representative of Sazerec said that the company had considered marketing some of their more popular brands, like Buffalo Trace, 1792 Ridgemont Reserve and Pappy Van Winkle in small bottles, but they opted instead for flavors that could benefit from public sampling.

Tell us what you think: will you be purchasing small bottles of liquor now that it is legal, or will you stick with full size bottles? However, the real question is why in the hell were these bottles illegal in the first place?

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