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Louisiana Workforce: Tips for Passing a Urine Drug Screen [VIDEO]
Louisiana authorities recently raided convenience stores all across the state in attempt to remove the cleansing products sold to help stoners pass drug tests. Reports indicate that investigators are currently hot on the trail of any store that sells “synthetic urine” and “detox liquids,” which can be used help the pothead populous pass the proverbial whizz quiz...
Louisiana Lawmakers Pass Measure to Lessen Pot Penalties… But There’s a Catch
Despite being recognized as state with overzealous and nonsensical marijuana laws, Louisiana lawmakers recently managed to approve a measure that will help loosen the legal stranglehold on parolees. Last Thursday, the Louisiana Senate voted to approve House Bill 681, which is being revered a modest reform bill because it only serves to change the way the state handles parolees busted for misdemean
Louisiana motorists can kiss the big brother of the road good-bye. Governor Bobby Jindal recently approved legislation that will outlaw speed cameras and other technological speed enforcement mechanisms along Louisiana highways.
Louisiana Gun Permit Holders Can Now Pack Heat in Restaurants
Louisiana residents with handgun permits will soon be allowed to bring their loaded firearms into restaurants where alcohol is served. The law previously prohibited anyone from bringing a gun into an eatery that also served booze, but on Tuesday, a measure was approved by the state Senate eliminating the ban.
Louisiana Is About to Outlaw the Homeless
Louisiana lawmakers want to make it illegal for the homeless to ask people for money. Late last month, the Louisiana legislature passed a bill that would make it a misdemeanor offense for individuals to panhandle. The measure was approved by a unanimous vote in the House and has moved on to the Senate.

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