We get snow so rarely in the Ark-La-Tex that it's a wonderful sight when we do (except for the driving).  When accumulations allow for activities like sledding, snow angels, and snow men - we certainly take advantage of it.  The rarest of the rare Southern Winter phenomenon however has to be the battle royal-style snowball fights that they take for granted in the North.  My friends get ready to experience the creme de la creme of winter activities -  a massive snowball battle is going down in Betty Virginia Park today!

Bring your thermal underwear and your best fast-pitch softball skills to the field and prepare for some serious snow-business at high noon (12:00 pm).  It's snow joke, the battle on the cold court was organized by Real Shreveport and it's going to be an (icy) blast.  My advice is to get there a bit early and create a few hidden caches of snowballs.  An extra 10 coldies in a pinch could be the difference between victory and cold, cold defeat.  Also, it's not cool to aim for the ear.

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