Going into some liquor stores on Sunday is a surreal experience.  Sure, you can buy all the beer and wine you want at the Thrifty in Bossier City, but they've used every spare sheet and roll of toilet paper they can find to wall off the sections that contain the hard stuff.  Whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, and the like are usually off-limits on the first day of the week.  According to the News-Star, that's no longer the case in some North Louisiana.

As per a new Ouachita Parish ordinance, effective immediately after a Police Jury vote on Monday passed the measure 4-2, residents in North Louisiana towns like Bawcomville, Lakeshore, and Pine Grove will no longer be legally barred from picking up their hooch on Sunday.

Ouachita now joins a growing number of parishes, like Caddo, that have weighed public opinion and economic impact and found reason to allow the once taboo practice.

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