The Philip Anselmo-led Superjoint Ritual have rebranded, shorting their name to just Superjoint, and released their new album, Caught Up in the Gears of Application, last week. A raw exercise in riffing devastation and swirling, erratic tempo shifts, this songcraft is best exemplified in the title track, for which a peculiar music video has now been made (see above).

Bathed in a sepia tone for an older, more vintage look, the song opens up with a frame displaying the band's name and next, the song title, invoking the feel of a silent film. It's anything but quiet after this opening moments fades, leading in with a burp presumably from Anselmo. The frontman is pictured head-on at first, but the video then gives way to the loose narrative.

Each band member is well-dressed in vests, button down shirts, slacks, suspenders and top hats. They're seen in the New Orleans area walking around with canes, pulling said suspenders and distributing Superjoint flyers to uninterested passersby who readily discard the promotional paper. The members are also pictured working in a factory as Superjoint wood imprints come off a conveyor belt. Later in the video, cell phones start appearing on the assembly line, which are promptly smashed with hammers.

Anselmo nailed it when describing, "The video is supposed to be as ridiculously abstract as the song itself. But regardless, it makes its ridiculous point(s) dreadfully well."

Caught Up in the Gears of Application was released on Anselmo's own Housecore Records and can be purchased at the label's webstore or digitally through iTunes.

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