Squirrels Can Get Drunk On Apples [VIDEO]
These squirrels ate a bunch of fermented crab apples, and got super drunk. You may be wondering, how do you know that they're drunk? Well, when they can't climb a snowbank, I'm pretty sure they'd fail the tiny animal field sobriety test
Epic Drunk Move [VIDEO]
We all have a friend who drinks too much. Some of us have 2 or 3 of them to be honest. But the worst thing in the world is when one of them drinks too much, passes out, and YOU are left to take care of them. Someone has to make sure they don't Hendrix...
Hangover Cures For New Year’s Eve [VIDEO]
Let's face it, it is New Year's Eve which means most of us will be sh*tfaced by midnight. So, to help prevent the New Year's Day blues and so you don't wake up feeling like you had a romp with Momma June, here are some great hangover cure, prevention tips from asapScience!

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