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The 3 Stooges are no longer named Curly, Moe, and Larry; they're Rhett, Kyle, and Dodie.
Allegedly, these three rocket scientists from Jennings, LA, thought it would just be a hoot to go down to the bayou and poach some alligators from the back of a pickup...
Big Changes Coming For Louisiana Hunters
The Louisiana Wildlife Commission has proposed some big changes for hunters in our state. While most of the changes are proposed for areas outside Northwest Louisiana, there are some new proposals that will effect all hunters in the Sportsman's Paradise...
Taking Skeet Shooting To Another Level [VIDEO]
There are sports, and then there are EXTREME sports...and I'm not talking about guys on BMX bikes jumping off a ramp.
Anyone can go to a shooting range and pop a few clay pigeons from 50 yards with a 12 gauge...but it takes someone SPECIAL to skeet shoot with these guys...

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