Taking Skeet Shooting To Another Level [VIDEO]
There are sports, and then there are EXTREME sports...and I'm not talking about guys on BMX bikes jumping off a ramp.
Anyone can go to a shooting range and pop a few clay pigeons from 50 yards with a 12 gauge...but it takes someone SPECIAL to skeet shoot with these guys...
How to NOT Shoot a Sawed Off Shotgun
The internet has spoiled me ... when this video starts it starts with a guy holding a sawed off shotgun to his shoulder ready to shoot. I start freaking out wondering how my day will be ruined watching this guy injure himself.
Do Deer Fart? Here’s Proof That Yes, Yes They Do
I spent most of the winters of my childhood sitting in a deer stand sleeping on the lookout for the majestic white tailed deer. I've always assumed these critters were natural creatures of beauty who wouldn't make a sound. Well, seems I was wrong. This video had me laughing like a middle s…
Funny Video Of Natural Predator Chasing Off White Tail Deer
Hunting season is right around the corner. I grew up hunting deer and I know for a fact, that you've got to be real quiet, and it helps to make sure you know if there are any varmints near your stand. Check out this hilarious game camera video of what spooked the deer...
Swamp People
RJ and Jay Paul Molinere, stars of History's hit TV show "Swamp People," will be hanging out at this year's Sportsman's Expo at the Shreveport Convention Center, July 19-21.

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