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This coming Monday, December 21, will be the first day of winter, and it's pretty hypocritical, in my opinion, for someone to profess their love of deer hunting like I do, to also take the time to write about my disdain for winter, but that's exactly what I'm doing. Actually, this one is pretty easy for me, as deer hunting is the only redeeming thing I like about the cold.

And I love watching all the Alaskan shows on The History Channel. "Life Below Zero", "The Last Alaskans", "Mountain Men", yeah, they've got me hooked. And while I think I'd love to live a primitive, "Off Grid" lifestyle, I can only marvel at those who do it in the temperatures these people endure. Not this boy! Nope! If it gets below 70, I'm looking for a jacket.

Contrary to most who would say about the comparison of winter to summer, "you can put more clothes on, but there's laws against taking too many off," I can tolerate 100 degrees way better than 50 degrees.

In an article from The Sun, we learn that 2,000 people were polled about the things they hate most about winter, and these were some of my favorites!

Ten Things People Hate About Winter

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