Schools across the country have been struggling with whether they should keep the classic, flowing cursive style of writing on their lesson plans for years now.  The question is one of balance between tradition and progress.  That is to say, would that time be better used to teach more modern concepts like coding, higher math, or to spend more time on one of the dozens of subjects covered in the all-important standardized testing that has become the end-all of subjects at school?

While quite a few schools have dropped cursive in favor of a more modern subject, the Lone Star State has decided to bring it back!  According to, most Texas schools have not been teaching it as a requirement  - and most don't teach it at all.  That will all change with the upcoming 2019-2020 school year as new regulations in place will make it a requirement for students to master before they leave 5th grade.  Students will be introduced to the subject starting in second grade.

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