The State of Louisiana is consistently ranked at the bottom of the listings of the poorest states in the country. Drilling down into the state, you will find some of the poorest communities in the country.

After almost a decade of the state mortgaging the future for someone's personal Presidential aspirations, the state is now deep in a budget crisis. It appears that the same people who created the mess across the state are in no hurry to help fix it. Which means the current rankings for Louisiana are likely to trend down.

As of late 2015, these were the poorest cities in the state according to

8. Mamou - Per Capita Income $9,046

7. Zwolle - Per Capita Income $9,042

6. St. Gabriel - Per Capita Income $8,952

5. Grambling - Per Capita Income $8,903

4. Ferriday - Per Capita Income $8,767

3. Rayville - Per Capita Income $8,589

2. Lake Providence - Per Capita Income $8,447

1. Tallulah - Per Capita Income $8,324

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