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I'm just going to say this right at the top: 'The Batman' from Matt Reeves looks absolutely incredible. I'm entirely too hype for a movie that doesn't even come out until 2021. But, from everything that's been leaked online or posted on Twitter by Matt Reeves, how can you not be stoked? The Batsuit looks awesome. The Batmobile looks awesome. The sets look amazing. Plus, other than just looks, according to all reports the story is going to be an actual Batman story.


With all that said, there are still large segments of the internet that are crapping on this movie. Robert Pattinson is stupid. The Batsuit is ugly. That's no Batmobile. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. And all that says to me is that those people aren't truly Batman fans.


Let's start with the Batsuit:

To me, this is one of the best looking Batsuits and takes it's cues from several different points in Batman history. The cowl screams classic Batman. The gauntlets are inspired by Talon from the Court of Owls. The gun as the Bat-symbol is a nod to Kevin Smith's story from Detective Comics 1000. Plus, Batman can actually turn his head! Which might be kind of important for the 'World's Greatest Detective'.

And don't even get me started...the Batmobile...it's INCREDIBLE.

— Matt Reeves (@mattreevesLA) March 4, 2020

I think the glitz and glam of the movies have ruined what the Batmobile actually is. If you go back through comic history, the greatest Batman artist's work more closely resembles that Batmobile than the 'Tumbler' or any of the movie versions. Just to prove my point, below is what Neal Adams (widely considered the most iconic Batman artist) drew up when creating his version of the Batmobile.

via DC Comics
via DC Comics

Looks pretty similar, don't it? Look, I don't know, this movie may end up being 'Batman & Robin' terrible. But, it's won't be bad because of the way it looks. Robert Pattinson looks good as Batman. The Batmobile looks good. Visual, this movie looks just incredible and has the feel of the Batman we've all been begging for.



So, before we start trashing this movie and dumping all over Matt Reeve's vision...why don't we give the man a chance and see what he brings us. Because, I have the feeling that this will be the Batman we've been waiting to see on the big screen for 80 years.


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