Who's ready to eat this year?

I consider myself a foodie. I love to eat, try new foods and indulge in food related experiences like festivals. There is truly a festival for every kind of food out there, from savory to sweet, classic recipes to wacky combinations. If there is a fan base then there is certainly an annual meeting of the minds.

Recently I wondered which festival ruled them all in our state. Was there a festival that was a must-eat in 2020? Taste of Home took a stab and naming the Best Food Festival in Every State. I love my Taste of Home cookbook so I thought, "let's go with it."

In the state of Louisiana, they say the best food festival is the State Fair of Louisiana which takes place right here in our own back yard every fall. I was elated to see this. Fair food is a category in itself when it comes to culinary endeavors and Taste of Home raved about the unique food culture found at the fair. Things like gator, bacon-wrapped shrimp on a stick, crawfish, crab boudin and more. Plus, most of it's deep fried so you can't go wrong.

What is the craziest food item you have ever tried at the fair?

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