Runners, this one is for you! Have you ever wanted to run through historical downtown Longview? Well Saturday morning you can! The Dalton Dash 5K is being out on by the Gregg County Historical Museum and you can sign up on the spot. All runners will get a Race Packet as well as a T-shirt to be picked up at 214 N. Fredonia Street on the morning of the race. All runners are welcome to stay for the fun that follows at Dalton Days!

Here are the details you'll need to get your 5K on the way, April 7, 2018 in Downtown Longview. Check in location is 214. N Fredonia St. Check in times are 8:30 A.M. for the 5K a $35 registration fee for runners 15 and up. 9:30 AM for the Kids Fun Run $25 registration fee open to ages 5-12. 

Dalton Days has continued to be a fun celebration of Longview's western heritage. Many families travel out and make a day out of it. According to the  Gregg County Historical Museums Website "This year The Gregg County Historical Museum wanted to add something faster than a get a way horse to this tradition! When the Dalton Gang rode into Longview on that fateful day in 1894, the bank robbery woke up this sleepy town and sent people in a dash of panic." For all you fast runners, the award ceremony will be after the 10:00 A.M. bank robbery reenactment.

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