So, you've discovered you've got all this extra time on your hands due to the quarantine and you're still looking for a few projects?  How about cleaning out that refrigerator?

Bristol and I found out with the Ticket Trivia Question on Monday that most people agree that the oldest thing in their refrigerator, with an average age of eighteen months, is the salad dressing.  Now, please understand.  Ranch does not qualify as salad dressing.  Ranch is its own food group.  That Italian or Blue Cheese might be that old, but the average life expectancy of Ranch at my house, is Tuesday.  Oh, but that bottle of Thousand Island you bought when your Aunt Lucy was coming over a couple years ago, is probably still in there, with hair growing on it.

As you're cleaning out that frig, take a look at all those expiration dates.  Might be time to get rid of a few things that were around when Clinton was in office.  Just look at this geriatric stuff we found in ours.

The Oldest Items In Your Refrigerator

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