AND WE'RE BACK! Time for more of the GOLD that can be found in our local Craigslist posts.

One thing I want to point out as we move forward with these posts: WE'RE NOT JUDGING ANYONE. I have no ill-will towards anyone who has special sexual needs. I have no issues at all with anyone's sexual preference, attractions, or what they do in their bedrooms. As long has you're not harming people, or animals (you broken monsters), I don't think anyone should tell you what you can and can't do.

Well, now that we're done with our 50 Shades of Clarification, let's get to this week's posts:

As soon as I saw 'Granny Love' in the title, I knew we needed to post this one:


Yup, Granny Love. Good for this dude finding a way to put is little blue pill stash to use.

Now, to get even freakier...DIAPER PLAY:


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