According to Bloomberg, Toys 'R' Us stores will be back for the 2019 Holiday season!

The beloved toy store of our childhood could soon be rising from the ashes of a very public and heartbreaking fall last year thanks to Richard Berry.  Richard, a former Toys 'R' Us executive, is the leader of a company called Tru Kids Inc.  This new entity is control of the brand, and has already signed a deal that will open Toys 'R' Us and Babies 'R' Us stores in Australia.

Bloomberg reports the company is now quietly making deals with partners in the U.S. that will allow them to do the same thing here before the Christmas shopping season.  If everything goes according to plan, this extremely inspiring and hopeful comeback will take the form of "half dozen U.S. stores and an e-commerce site."  The new company is keeping a tight lid on their strategy.  No locations or specific dates were mentioned in the report.  Although there have been hints of an "enhanced experience" to set the store apart from it's big box competitors, such as a play areas.

Geoffrey the Giraffe's second shot won't be a walk in the park though - since the $7 billion a year company dropped out of the toy business, retail giants Walmart, Target, and Amazon have gobbled up those sales.  However, I have no doubt that Toys 'R' Us will succeed.  None of us want to grow up.  I think we all still want to be Toys 'R' Us Kids.

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