Motley Crue frontman and amateur gynecologist Vince Neil is getting into a business he probably should have years ago...he's opening up a Strip Club! The name of this Vegas titty bar? You guessed it...Girls, Girls, Girls (Shocking, right?)

Vince told the Las Vegas Sun,  his club will be edgy and the strippers will look like they’ve stepped out of “a music video.”

He says, “Tattoos won’t be banned. They (will be) hot, provocative and edgy. I know it all comes down to G-strings in the end, but they’ll start out with much sexier outfits than you find elsewhere.

“Second, the music isn’t going to be boring. None of that house, generic strip club music. This will be full on rock ‘n’ roll. It will be a blast from start to finish. Yeah, we’ll even play a little Motley.”

This is probably the greatest news ever! The club opens up on March 16th and if you got the cash, you know I'm ready for a Vegas Road Trip!





















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